Pi 4 not booting up with Navio2

I’ve followed the docs on installation and running Navio2 on my Pi 4 several times. I’ve formatted and reflashed the buster several times and the Pi does not boot. My power LED stays lit and the ALT light does short blinks randomly. The longest I’ve waited is an hour for it to boot. I’ve edited the wifi info on notepad++ to so i could ssh in, I’ve tried accessing with a Ethernet cable, I’ve tired connecting the pi to a keyboard and monitor. I’m going to swap out the pi tomorrow and try with a 3B+ depending on the reply I receive.

Mine actually seems to fly somewhat better with a Pi4 than the Pi3 A or B+. So I can confirm the Navio2 does work with the Pi4. If you can try yours on another board, that would probably be the best way to determine if there’s actually something wrong with your Navio2 itself or if we’re dealing with some Raspberry Pi or Linux issue.

Dr. I am intersted in your comment of it flying better on the PI4. What does this mean to you exactly?

How are you powering the pi and Navio

Hi, not to derail the OP’s thread too much, but I had less wander and altitude variation in POS Hold mode with the Pi 4 underneath the Navio2 than either Pi 3 A or B+. I honestly don’t know the reason yet, and I’m in the middle of completely rebuilding my test rig to see if I can get better POS Hold with an external compass as they suggested. I’ll share my results when I get a chance to finish the experiment. :wink:


You mentioned, that you also can use the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ for your task. May I ask you to launch Navio2 with this model?

What version of Raspbian image do you use? We recommend downloading this image.

Thing is you need to keep in mind is that the Raspberry pi 4 has issues when powering up via the USB C port so establish if he is powerint the board via Navio2 or via the Pi USB c port

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