Pi 4 8gb Usb ports dead after sudo apt upgrade

Hello, I have came across the issue today. I flashed the emlid os (version 20200922) on the sd card and booted on a Pi 4 8gb. Everything works fine unless I upgrade it with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade. I found that the usb ports are dead after the device is rebooted.

I can connect it via ssh. Also i found it when i change the keyboard layout in raspi-config, it shows “cat: ‘/sys/bus/usb/devices/:/bInterfaceClass’: No such file or directory” ,and also 2 more errors.

I tested it again with a clean raspbian lite os, it works fine after upgrading. I also own a Pi 3 4gb, it works fine with emlid os and upgrading. This issue happens to my new Pi 4 8gb.

Pi model 4B 8GB Ram, 64GB sd card, official power supply.
1 March, 2021

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concerning the USB issue, see here:

They’re still working on a fix.

Yes I noticed that post too, thank you!

Hi @justincyc28,

Thanks for the report! Just want to confirm that @spacemonk-ey shared the right post. At the moment, we’re investigating this issue. I’ll post an update once there is any news.

I have the same issue. In addition now, I can’t perform the sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade on the latest Emlid Navio2 image. I am getting the error “Emlid repository no longer signed…therefore disabled by default”.

Hi Rob,

I’ll try to reproduce this issue as well and pass it to the team. I’ll post all updates in the main thread. Please let’s keep all details there to avoid confusion.

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