Physical setup question

Hello Reach community. I am a newbie that is attempting to build a survey grade UAV. Are their specific drones that work best with the Reach RTK Rover and Base hardware? My question is more focused on the physical mounting of the Rover Unit. I currently have a Matrice 210. I really appreciate any help on the subject, I also appreciate the grace the community will show me as I am ignorant to the 3rd party hardwares. My company was going to upgrade to the new Matrice RTK 210 V2 +, but I came across this and wanted to check it out, as it has a much better cost point.

Thank You-TB

I think the Reach RS+ base and M+ “rover” would be very easy to configure on the Matrice and would be a fraction of the cost of the 3rd party built setups.

oh just crack open your piggy bank:

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Hi @timbuffone,

What camera model do you have/will you have on them?

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