Physical I/O mapping for APM camera relay control

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Navio2 with Beta 3 version of software - I am trying to set up a relay based camera trigger in Mission Planner 1.3.44. For the setting for RELAY_PIN which is the first of 4 relay pins that can be used, I an trying to determine the mapping between the various settings defined for PixHawk vs the physical pins on the Navio2 board so that if I select a specific Pixhawk AUXOUTx option for the relay control I know what Navio2 pin to connect the camera control to. Can you explain the mapping please?

You can use IO17/IO18 pins for relay.

First off, you set RELAY_PIN to either 17 or 18 and then use them as RELAY_PIN or RELAY_PIN2.

I’ll close this thread as it’s essentially the same as this.