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Long story short, I did a number of surveys and before I was able to get back home and export my Projects, my phone screen completely died. It is a Samsung Note 20. I was able to take a backup without a screen using Samsung smart switch. They were able to fix my phone but had to do a factory reset on it. I found out after the fact that Samsung smart switch backup software does not back up app data. It does back up my documents, but I can not find a folder in there anywhere that appears to have a file with any emlid data that the app would use. I assume this means that those surveys are gone? If so is there any way temp files of the projects can be saved out to a folder automatically in my documents in the future since those folders are typically backed up by most software?


Hi @jleaders.2,

After the reset, I’m afraid the data was lost indeed. If the data wasn’t previously exported to any folder, there is now no way to restore it.

This is a fault for now. We see it, and we’re actively working on solving this for the future. However, the process is not a simple one so it’s taking some time.

To protect yourself from losing the data, I can suggest now exporting the projects to the phone’s memory or to the Drive right after the survey. We’ll discuss with the team if there’s any way to make this an automation, though, to save you time. Thanks for bringing this up!

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Thanks for the reply. I appreciate that something to solve this issue is being considered for the future. I am sure this has happened to others out there, and I won’t be the last one. I will be sure to export after every survey before leaving the site.

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Is there a reason why survey information is not saved to the Reach itself? Specifically RS2’s.

Is it a storage/memory limitation? Personally, I think it would be handy to store the most recent project on the receiver (if storage constraints permit).

Hi @b.p,

The projects from ReachView 3 are not saved on the receiver because we’re using the powers of the smartphone/tablet for calculation. The receiver is not taking part in it. That was a conscious decision when we were moving from Reach Panel: it just seems easier and more logical to get all info on the device you’re surveying on.

It’s true that previously the projects were saved on the receiver itself. That was because the receiver itself did the calculations. This meant that the projects could be accessed only if the receiver was turned on which was not always comfortable.

Both versions have their ups and downs, of course. For the app, we’re now working on the solution to sync the data and avoid data loss. We’ll just need more time to finish this up.


I’ve used an app, google sync or one drive sync, to backup data from apps. You need to give the app permission to use mobile data if you don’t get the phone on a wifi network often enough fir backup.


Hi @markbneal,

That’s a valuable addition, thank you!

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