Phantom 4 Pro V2 + Surveying KIT for sale

Dear people, I am selling my Phantom 4 Pro V2 + surveying kit

It comes with:

Phantom 4 Pro V2
Extra battery
GL300L controller (have an optional GL300K)
Default packaging

Emlid Reach M+; Reach M2 and M+ | RTK GNSS/GPS modules for high-precision mapping
GNNS antenne, multiband helical, voor montage op de Emlid M+; Multi-band helical GNSS antenna - Laagste prijs online - Surveying Hub B.V.
PPK Kit van Metta Technologies;

The kit has been used less than 10 times, the drone comes with two batteries, one with 54 and one with 34 times charged. Contact met for the prices…