Phantom 4 pro rtk

Hi, has anyone tried rtk reach on Phantom 4 pro?

Hi Dicky,

I’m afraid that the DJI ecosystem is proprietary and doesn’t allow easy hardware integration with the third-party GNSS equipment.

However, we’ve recently tested Reach RS2 as a base for DJI Phantom 4 Pro RTK. It’s possible to set up the RTK link via the NTRIP. They work fine together! We’ll share the results of our test with the community shortly :slight_smile:


Nice info…waiting for it

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Yes, the RS2 works fine as the base for the P4RTK. I have not seen a successful implementation of an augmented GNSS with RTK though because it is nearly impossible to right to the images directly in the DJI system. I think you would have to have a DJI engineer involved.

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