Phantom 4 Pro - Reach M2 Precise Timing Synchronizer Module


I used ashot/teodrone to synch my phantom 4 pro and Reach M2 in previous. I enjoyed the results, it gave me about 7 and 11 cm for horizontal and vertical precison respectively (CE90) of generated orthomosaic and DEM without a single GCP.

However, now teodrone doesn’t support linking between P4P and reach M2 anymore. They only sell ashot in bundling with their own GNSS module. I’m looking for a substitute which is working in same procedure with ashot (precise timing synchronization). Any information will be appreciated. Thanks!

Yeah that’s really unfortunate. I bought several of them on our last go around because I knew this was happening. You can scarcely find them elsewhere but they can be expensive. Maybe one of these places still has them. I posted disdain on their Facebook page… The Tuffwing kit is still a good option just be sure to put in an offset to account for the additional delay.

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Thanks Michael!

The one in Labrosse Consulting seems affordable. Yeah, they decision to limit the GNSS module is disappointing. I hope Emlid would make a similar product :slight_smile:

I know Russia is a big country but you’re telling me they don’t somehow know each other?..

EVERYONE hit their FB page! For some reason most post is no longer on their home page but maybe this will work.

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Ashot is not available for P4, Map pilot turned to subscription model, what else can they do?
Although P4 Pro/Adv has great camera but there is no support for mapping with it.
Is there any other app besides Map Pilot and drone harmony that supports terrain awareness?
In teodrone they combine teofly with Litchi but i haven’t tested teofly web app yet.

DroneDeploy flight is free but requires an iOS device for Terrain Awareness. Processing is a subscription like pretty much every other cloud service. WebODM does a good job.

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