Phantom 4 PPK combined with the Emlid Reach RS+

Hi Guy’s and or Girls,
this is Norbert from the Netherlands.

Recently we also bought the Phantom 4 Pro PPK via UAV-Desiging.
We love it!
We are working on a huge project in The Netherlands on a nature reserve. An environment in which accessibility is really bad. We started the project in combination with propeller aeropoints. This gave us really good results but we had a lot of issues with placing the aeropoints into the reserve. Based on that we get in contact with the people of UAV-Design and we are very satisfied by them!

The results are really good. Much better then expected. We fly the Phantom at 60m (about 180ft). The GSD is around 1.6cm/pix. Accuracy… X = 2,5cm - Y = 3cm and Z = 1,5cm…

We make use of the Phantom 4 PPK combined with the Emlid Reach RS+.
The Reach RS+ is ‘connected’ with the CORS network so we always have an accurate base station position.


That is great news.

That is great news. You got the Reach M+ outside the drone? or the old Reach module inside your drone?

We’ve got the new M+ module inside

Here is a ‘small’ video presenting the results…

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Looking forward to seeing the final result, @blikkie :slightly_smiling_face:

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