Phantom 4 Adv/Pro light sensor for ppk

does anyone know where I can buy a light sensor like the one of the tuffwing kit in order to integrate the M2 to the Phantom 4 Pro?

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This new PPK Kit for the M2 have a good Sensor + LED that resolve the problem with the Tuffwing Kit model:



Thanks! It seems a nice product.
Is the accuracy of the timestamps good?
How are the final results compared to GCP’s?

Hi. The accuracy is good. Quality Q1 using the software Toposetter 2.0 Pro.
It is very important to fly after the M2 or M+ has reached a good number of satellites and has an accuracy in Single mode of less than 15 cm.

Hmmmm… you mean a standard deviation?
Even that is hard to obtain on the ground in single mode?

Does your system has time delay between camera shutter and PPK timemarks?

I like that you provide power to the M2 from the usb port of the phantom.
I did a test today. I connected the M2 to the phantom usb port by using the provided OTG cable and the M2 power up! But why you do have a switch and not connect directly to the usb port?

Hi. Our photo sensor has the following response speeds to shooting light:
Turn-On time: 8 uS (micro seconds)
Turn-Off time: 50 uS (micro seconds)
We think that this shooting record speed sent and recorded by the M+ or M2 is sufficient to ensure centimeter accuracy, taking into account the drone’s flight speed ranges in a topographic survey flight mission.

HI. We have placed a controller card attached to the switch because in our experience the power does not have a stable voltage and causes the Wi-Fi connection to be interrupted. It is important to note that the M2 requires peaks of up to 3 Amp at certain times during operation.

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