Permanent mast / tower suggestions

Has anyone got any advice or suggestions for permanent masts / towers for mounting an RS+ onto as a basestation out in a field. The mast needs to be about 3 - 4 m tall, very stable, affordable, and without large foot print or guy-ropes.
I’ve looked at lattice towers but even the small ones are quite expense at around +£1000.

The most cost effective thing I can think of is to use some scaffolding poles and fittings to make a tripod at the required hight and anchor it into the ground with a concrete base.

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drill a hole and stick one of these on it and fill with concrete . that would be permanent


The classic construction style T post, Gps antenna on one side, corrections radio on the other side. Very nice in a smaller Area, my yard is about 220m x 220m. The T post works really well in that space, but hilly topography cuts off the corrections pretty quick.

I want to replace it with a concrete pile like Hofers picture for the gps antenna. Get a 12” cardboard tube and spud it in with a level screw mount on top. Then a few feet away put up a 20’ mast for the corrections antenna and get a bit better reach with the Lora.

Also depends what you want to do with corrections. For absolute accuracy 2m post for gps antenna is more ideal.

Pass to Pass, or comparative heights for drainage. You can put the Base anywhere you like cause you only have to be accurate to yourself. Just do not move the base.

For permanent install the highly recommend mounting the Lora antenna as high as practically possible.


Thanks for the replys.
I don’t quite see what Dave Hofer’s photo is showing. Two concrete pillars in hole? One has what looks like a cotton reel on top.

The T-post construction looks like a good design. Is it made from welded box section? I like you’re ammo case battery box.
How stable is that T post in the wind? Does it wobble at all?

Its all angle iron, cause it was in my pile of scrap. If I was to do this style again i would use square tube for the tower portion.

Under most circumstances there is no wobble, but I would not trust it in a hurricane. It is set so the smallest cross section is facing the prevailing wing to prevent loading.

The ammo box works great, but use the next size up its pretty crammed in there. With the Emlid, Lora, Solar Controller, cables and Battery. No moisture problems so far.


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