Permanent base station levelling

Does anyone have any advice or tips for how to level a Reach RS+ which is to be set up on a roof (aprox. 6-7m) above ground as a permanent base station?

There are some leveling examples shown here which could work with varying degrees of cost/effort. I was also thinking that a cheap camera levelling base such as this could also work.

As it’s a permanent installation, do I really need to worry about leveling that much? If I get it roughly level using a spirit/bubble level would that suffice?

Compass, hand level on the bottom of the receiver and notch or mark on the connection/adapter?

Thanks, was thinking a hand level. I’m not too concerned about orientation as it won’t be used for static surveys but good call, worth doing anyway.

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i like the tribrach style pictures, looks easy to fabricate, but then it does depend on where your base coordinates are going to come from. if your going to mount it and then generate the point then i would think it wouldnt really matter.

one of the most useful tools i have is a Wixley

40$ and they are accurate

Is there a mark that indicates the North direction in the Reach? It’s a new i.e. unknown point, the point will be generated so you’re probably right it doesn’t really matter in that case. Was just wondering what others had done. The angle gauge looks nice. Thanks for the recommendation!

@agrimgalina I don’t think the Reach has a north direction, I seem to recall seeing this answered on another post on this forum. I haven’t got mine yet to check.

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