PDOP Warning in Status Bar

I mentioned this in another thread but wanted to give it a thread of it’s own.
It is my understanding that a high PDOP will have a negative effect on the precision of measurements. In RV3 you can check the PDOP by going to the status screen. But if you are in another screen, you don’t see it. You may see a nice green FIX bar, but have a poor PDOP.

Perhaps we could have an indicator in the global status bar to give the user a warning? (see mock-up below). It could be green, yellow, or red depending on status. I would happily give up the “no sim” space if needed as that could be replaced with just an icon, red/green.


This would be awesome!

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age of correction also


And/Or Set a max value for PDOP to collect points (something like “Fix Only”)


Hi guys,

Thanks to all of you for these requests!

I remember we discussed displaying PDOP and Age of differential with @EBE111057 in another thread. And I think that I got the point. These parameters are indeed good to ensure measurement quality. So I’ll bring up for discussion with the team your idea of such an indication in the status bar.

@studioBroggi, we’ll bear in mind your suggestion as well. Thank you!


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