PDOP question

Hello I am trying to learn more about precision so I know what to promise my clients. I understand there is an rms value that is logged and I am curious as to how that relates to (if at all) the PDOP value. I have been reading up on PDOP and understand it is prudent to check it before going to work -to make sure it is below 2(?). I cannot see the PDOP exported out with the other data so I assume this is not stored? Am I to understand that a high PDOP value would prevent me from getting a fix or how does the Reach RX work in this regard?

Sorry if this is a stupid question (A little knowledge is a dangerous thing eh :wink:

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For a recorded point, the PDOP value doesn’t show in Flow, or Flow 360, but is contained with the other point data upon .csv export.


Thank you I only looked in the app!

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