Passive antenna on Reach M+ (extreme weight reduction needed)


I am trying to reduce the weight of my setup as much as possible to be able to fit it into a small drone. Nowadays it consists on an ReachM+, Tallysman TW4721 and a very small battery I made myself.

The area on which I am using the drone is very open with no tall buildings or trees blocking the view of the sky. Because of that I am thinking on installing one of these extremely lightweight passive antennas ( This could potentially reduce the weight of the setup on 48/49g approx.

¿Could I connect this antenna directly on the Reach port without breaking it (since the Tallysman antenna is active and my new one is passive I am worried I could release the magic smoke of the Reach Module)?

I know I will need to change the connector of the antenna, but I am not too worried about that.

Also, I am thinking on releasing the reach from its case a as a wight reduction technique. ¿Any suggestion on how can I reduce additional weight?

Hi Antonio,

This antenna will not fit if you are looking for cm-accurate positioning. I understand that some projects require significant weight optimization however I wouldn’t recommend cutting it by optimizing the set of RTK GNSS equipment.

Tallysman antenna going with Reach is the optimal choice in terms of size and performance.
Re. removing the enclosure of Reach, we don’t recommend doing that as it may cause circuitry damage especially when installed nearby other electrical components.

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