Part of survey not able to fix in PPK with RS2

I’m experiencing some strange behavior of EMLID data in PPK.

I try to use data from a RS2 basestation to apply corrections to a Septentrio rover. For the first four hours of data, this works fine and everything is a fixed solution. However at 13:14 the solution in RTKLIB is suddenly Q=0 for about 2 hours until 15:16, resulting in the following jump in the .pos file.:


I cannot find any abnormalities in the Rinex file. There is 5Hz data for the entire period 13:14 - 15:16, which doesn’t look any different from the data at other times in the file.

Unfortunately, this required us to buy GNSS data from a commercial provider, with which we were able to fix the data of the entire day. We also used this reference data to PPK the Emlid base and again, a gap between 13:14 and 15:16 occurred. Therefore, the problem is 100% Emlid related and is not in the Septentrio. Post processing was done in RTKLIB and Leica Infinity, both with the same outcome.

Do you have seen this problem occur before? If you want, I can share the RS2 rinex data with you to investigate. Please, let me know.

Please share the data. Then it is easier to help. Please also share the GNSS data you bought.


Hi @seanzandbergen,

I’d also want to take a look at the data. If possible, please share RINEX from Serpentrio too. I’ll be able to say more if I post-process the logs myself.

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Hello @svetlana.nikolenko,
I can’t post the data here publicly, but I will send the data directly to you.


Hi Sean,

Yes, I’ve received the data. I’m processing it in Emlid Studio right now. Will come back shortly with the comments.

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Hi Sean,

It took me a while, sorry.

Just checked that Emlid studio has 100% Fix. I’m not posting any screenshots as you said the data is sensitive, but I’m not lying :sweat_smile:

Is there any specific reason why you use RTKLib?

Hi Svetlana,

I believe you :wink: Maybe you can share some images in a pm?

I often obtained better results with RTKLib b34a than with Emlid Studio, so that’s why. I didn’t try it with the newer versions, so might be better now.
Did you manage to obtain fixed data between timestamps 13:14 and 15:16? There was no solution (Q=0) in my processing. Therefore, I also achieved an overall 100% fix, but with missing data between the mentioned times.

Yeah, it’s all fixed.

I’ll PM you.

Hi Sean,

I also wanted to add that difference in results between RTKLib and Emlid Studio may be caused by different settings. So, if you’d like to check some datasets where you can’t get good results with Emlid Studio, I’m ready to help!

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