Parameters are missing from firmware

My QGC version is 3.4.4
Currently using Navio2/RPi 3b+ with latest img from emlid

  1. what is the reason for the missing error?
  2. If the error is due to QGC & Navio2 version compatibility,
    which version of QGC do i have to use and where can I get that older version of QGC?

Hi @joonyoung86,

PSC_ACCZ_* parameters are new parameters from ArduPilot 3.6 not stable version. After there will be stable release, we’ll update Navio2 image.

There are 2 ways you can resolve it:

  • use the previous version of QGC. I’d recommend to search it over the Internet.
  • download ArduPilot 3.6 binary file as it contains these parameters.

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