PA NTRIP service?

Looking to get a RS2 as a rover and find NTRIP system for my base but trying to find a good priced option for the PA/NJ/NY area. Anyone know a good one that has good rates if you are just using it for RTK drone mapping ? Not sure if some of them adjust pricing for use or not. Thanks for any info.

New York DOT has a free NTRIP. You just need a sign up and you’ll get a username and password. Not sure about NJ and PA. Best of luck.

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I’d check with your state’s geodetic survey agency. Some are free, some not. Also check with your state’s DOT, many are free also.

Here in SC, it’s $600/year maintained by the SC Geodetic Survey office. Pretty reasonable at $50/month. Very well maintained/dependable system, maintenance or upgrades usually are scheduled during weekends with advance notice.

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I talked to PennDot… they have very limited system and they were not even sure if they give access to public citizens. Seems we are way behind other states in this aspect. Trying to avoid paying $1000/$3000 to private company for NTRIPS

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