Overwrite point coordinates after stake out

Hi @Emlid team,

Just giving a feedback of several customers here, about the stake out feature. It would be fine to have an “overwrite point” feature directly inside the stake out screen to overwrite its coordinates.

Once the point have been staked out and materialized in the ground, its coordinates are likely to be a bit different from the project coordinates, especially the height component, so it has to be measured again. Instead of going back to the point collection screen, that would be quicker to replace the coordinates. Please let me know what’s your point of view on this.

Thank you !

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Yes, like in FieldGenius. Once you get to your point to stake, you can also collect a point in the stakeout feature at the same time. You can also assign a custom prefix automatically to a measured staked point to see the difference. I.e. @1 for point 1. @1 being the measured staked point.

I think instead of waiting for Emlid to implement all these features, it’s best to just choose a good third party app, program. ReachView2/ReachView3 are bare bones without adding too much complexity for most.


Hi @Florian,

Thanks for explaining your point.

It indeed might be a very handy functionality. I’ll discuss your request with the team and we’ll consider adding this.


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