Overheating with rs +

hello I have an overheating problem with rs + it turns off and when cooling it turns on, the problem some solution.

Hi Gabriel,

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Reach RS+ can operate at temperatures up to +65 ºC. However, if the receiver gets hotter, it can actually shut itself down to save internal components.

Can you tell me what kind of conditions you are working in with your Reach RS+? What firmware version is installed on the receiver?

32 degrees c maximum, firmware version 27, the equipment is new.


Since your Reach RS+ is currently on v27, I’d suggest you install the new firmware update, v28 Beta 2. This beta version contains improvements that should help Reach RS+ not overheat in some cases. It’d be nice if you could update your receiver to check it and share your thoughts with us.

the problem only occurred with one team, work in rtk mode, both teams are running the same version 27


This is a quite rare issue that doesn’t happen with all units. So that it’s possible you noticed that only one device overheats. We know about such cases, and that’s why we released the new firmware version that can help Reach RS+ avoid this issue.

Updating Reach RS+ shouldn’t affect its operation with other receivers as well. The units which have different firmware versions can work fine with each other.

Hi Gabriel,

How are you doing? Have you had a chance to update your device and test it? If that didn’t work for you, I’m ready to see what else we can do.

I confirm that I have the same overheating issue in both units and the latest firmware did not solve the problem

Hi @hhffaa,

Each case is different, and there can be different reasons for this behavior. Can you share the Full System report from your units and their Serial numbers with me via support@emlid.com? Also, If something specific happened just before it, it would help to find out the cause.

Hello, I update the 2 teams to v28, I will test it and comment on the result.

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I sent it all on Jul-2021

Hi @hhffaa,

Please check your PM.

Hi Gabriel,

Is there any news? Have you been able to test your Reach RS+ with the new version?

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