Output signal settings for M+ and Canon 700D


I’ve been trying to connect my reach m+ to a canon 700D dslr camera through the hotshoe but without success. Camera says there is no gps connected and triggering doesn’t work. Can anybody share the m+ output signal settings for such a camera? I have it on UART - nmea- 9600 now, but tried many things without success. Would be great if I can make sure I have the right settings before modifying any hardware.


Hi Harm,

Reach can only log time marks over hot-shoe. To trigger the camera, it’s better to use AutoPilot or camera’s time-lapse feature.

Still, it’s possible to trigger Reach from the camera. However, I’m afraid, we don’t provide a ready solution for this. To do that, you can make your own cable connecting GND and Trigger pin from Reach to the camera: I hardly can advise on which port should be used from the camera side as it may vary depending on a model.

Reach M+ pinout shown in this docs entry.

I’d also recommend checking that events are recorded when you take a photo manually. You can confirm that in the Camera Control tab of ReachView: each time you take a photo, the Last time mark field should be updated.

Hi Tatiana,

thanks for this clarification! Indeed the event are logged, so in fact it was working all the time. It was just my misunderstanding of what should happen :slight_smile: I was just confused by camera trigger function in the camera control screen.

We use time-lapse for the camera now, so we’ll keep using that.

Thanks for the quick response, very helpfull!


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Glad to know it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

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