Output serial stream over ttyUSB0

What’s the best recommendation for pulling the output serial stream from the rover assuming you are using the RX/TX lines for a radio and without having to rely on a TCP connection? In my case, I only have an active 802.11ac connection available, which won’t work with the edison chip, so I have to rely on serial streams to get data in and out of the reach devices.

I tried using the ttyUSB0 as the output stream, but I get unstable performance on the reach. When configured for output over ttyUSB0 and baud 57600, the reach goes into some weird state where the mode and status both report “unknown”, and then eventually the config tab loses all parameters (and the text boxes for the parameters don’t appear either). In order to recover the device, I have to select reach_kinematic_deafult.conf and then “reset default config” from the … menu in order for the config text boxes to even appear again. In this configuration, I am powering the reach via USB as well (and using the UART to provide 5V to the radio).


You will be able to direct data over USB only when Reach acts as a USB host, so device is connected to it via a USB OTG cable. If you have it connected to your PC, you can set up a wired network connection over the USB. This is how.

I think that the weird state of ReachView could be explained by assuming that it does not have ttyUSB0 interface when its USB is in device mode (Reach is plugged in your computer). Will try to add protection from that in the future, thank you for reporting.