Output PWM motor issues

i have some problem, i build my own quadcopter, i use navio2 and raspberry pi 3 model b, then i set remote model type helicopter H4X, when i set throtlle max, ouput pwm from motor only half and my quad copter can’t fly, can anyone help??

sounds like you need to calibrate your esc!

i was callibrate my ESC from mission planner and manually, but no difference

what motors, esc, props, battery, weight specs does your copter have?

motor sannySky 700 kv, esc ztw 30A opto, props 12x6, weight 1.9 kg


lipo 5000 Mah 3s

did you check with ecalc?

should fly, but not very efficient. should hoover at about 60% throttle. so my guess is there is something else wrong.
Did you calibrate your radio using mission planner?
i dont understand what the “mode helicopter H4X” is for.
did you read the arducopter manual for first time setup and wend through all the steps ?
props orientation and numbering are correct ?
does it fly at all ?
ESC usually dont need calibration (mostly default setting are ok), but just to make sure you could try calibrating them directly without the navio in between one by one
(see manual for the esc: https://hobbyking.com/media/file/226163441X50800X30.pdf)

i was calibrate radio from mission planner, H4x is swash type of helicopter, yes i was read manual, prop and number are correct, it not fly, , i think i need more than 70% PWM output motor to fly, thanks for eCalc link