Output only GGA from RS2

I am trying to output only the GGA sentence from my RS2.

The unit which is receiving the NMEA can not handle multiple sentences.

Is this possible? Thanks.

No it isn’t.

It is a feature request by several to have the output selectable Like GGA/GSA/RMC/VTG

Your only commercial option currently is to buy a shipmodul. It will filter the sentences and change the talker codes.

Do you need GN? Or GP? Talker code in front of your nmea?

Thanks. I need GN. Which model shipmodul do you recommend? It looks like there are several options.

Hi Luke,

The possibility to select the particular NMEA messages is on our roadmap. However, there’s no ETA. I can notify you when it will be available.

In the meantime, the possible workaround could be to use a 3rd party board to filter out the necessary messages in the NMEA stream. For example, you can check out this thread where @PotatoFarmer shared his experience with it.

I cant really say a can recommend one model over another. I just found shipmodul on google hoping to select sentences and change talker codes.

Then found one on eBay , and it worked!

Ive now coded a filter/converter too, but I still need to test it for safe extended use as well as get the sentences selectable by dipswitch.

Though I am also eagerly awaiting Emlid to have this feature, As it saves a lot of processing overhead for other projects.

So far it looks like gga, vtg, gsa, rmc are the most common required sentences.

I also have a RTCM3 1008 injector, but have not tested it on an factory unlocked receiver yet. But the messages look right in snip.

Emlid is a very exciting piece of technology if you can get it to interface with other equipment. I am still trying to fully integrate Emlid for interoperability on Agricultural equipment. After experiencing four constellation RTK guidance using Emlid I cannot go back to using WAAS.

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