Output format precision

I’m trying to validate speed given by Reach+ thru NMEA and instantaneous speed at 10hz between too coordinates and I find discrepancies…

I then wonder if NMEA format could give enough precision as (and I may be erroneous) I quickly found that based on DDMM.MMMMM (5digits after dot) precision is lower way greater than 7mm….

Am I right? Should I follow my things with another format that would be more precise???

How instantaneous speed is calculated in the reach+ as I found in some case that there can be few seconds delay between my actual speed and the recorded data…

Thanks for your lights :blush:

Hi @collin.charles.d,

NMEA-0183 position values have 7 digits after the dot. You can check the details of NMEA GGA output in the docs. Therefore, the position is output with an accuracy of around cm.

Can you elaborate on your workflow? It will help me to understand your needs and give you comments and recommendations according to your application.

I have different purposes for the Reach+ at this time but all are for product testing on vehicles.
currently i’m using it on skid steer mini loader (0-16kph ~2g max) were I intend to calculate the slip of the tracks (sproket speed VS GPS speed) to evaluate rubber deformation.
I also use it on ATV (20-80kph 5-25g) to validate actual speed on different section of a testing track.
looking at acquired signal we saw coordinates repeated up to 7 time at 10hz on a 4kph run whish we do not understand. the speed is often innacurate.
we have the rover mounted on a gimbal similar to the one your are proposing on your web site(BO last time I checked) to damp the vibrations.
I currently didn’t found information about how to play with the vibration settings that are on reachview nor what I should expect playing with it.
any help would be apreciated.


Thanks for info!

Do you use a standalone Reach RS+ or with the base unit in RTK mode?

RTK mode.
is the speed dopler calculated or coordinate based?


The speed is calculated from coordinates.
Please note that Reach RS+ is not designed for speed evaluation. It has better speed accuracy at high speeds.

For your purposes, I suggest using other technologies for speed evaluation, for example, a speedometer.

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