Output Corrections and position stream to same serial port


I want to mount the RS2+ on my rover and get corrections from NTRIP. I also want to log RTCM3 corrections and NMEA position to my Datalogger that will connected via serial.

Is it possible to configure “correction output” to serial and " Position streaming" to serial too?


  • Marouan

Hi Marouan,

Reach RS2+ can either output corrections, or stream its position in NMEA format to the third-party app like Datalogger via Serial. However, the corrections themselves are the satellites’ raw data, and they are used by the second receiver to calculate the solution. The software usually just requires the NMEA position, so the Position streaming seems to come in handy here.

Still, Reach RS2+ can record the Base correction log in RTCM3 format. If your workflow requires this log, you can use this feature as well. It is enabled in the Logging settings tab.

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