Out of CS Bounds

I am in northern lower Michigan, using NAD83/Michigan Central + NAVD88. I’ve collected hundreds of points using this coordinate system over the summer. About a week ago, a message popped up in ReachView 3 saying I needed to download a new Geoid. I thought nothing if it and hit ok.

Ever since then, when I try to collect a point, the collect button is grayed out and says “out of cs bounds, can’t collect point”.

I tried everything from rebooting everything to uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. Still nothing.

Can anyone help?

What espg codes are we talking about?

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It says 8704 for the combined coordinate system and vertical datum and 8338 for the vertical datum alone.

Sorry, I meant 8228 for the vertical datum

It seems to coincide with my download of the latest ReachView 3 update. I am now running version 6.6. I just updated my other device, which was still working, but now after the update- same thing: out of cs bounds. Now I am dead in the water. Both devices aren’t working.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Same here. Before the update everything was perfect. I can access through the hardware directly, but not use any coordinate transformations through ReachView 3 which forced me to re-download all the coordinate systems which might be the issue.

Hi Justin and Michael,

We’ve found out what the issue is and will fix it in one of the nearest releases. Let me know if you need to access data in your current NAD83 project in the shortest time. We’ll find a solution for you.

The NAD83 + NAVD88 (EPSG: 8704) uses the outdated GEIOD99 for transformation. Do you need this particular datum for your survey? We want to understand when the old NAD83 datum is needed.

For the new projects, you can choose NAD83(2011)/Michigan Central (EPSG:6494) and NAVD88 (EPSG:8228). This setup uses the newest NAD83(2011) datum and GEOID18 geoid. The difference between your current setup and this geoid is only about 0.1 ft (3 cm). The longitude and latitude will remain the same. If this height change is appropriate for your application, I’d suggest using NAD83(2011) for your future surveys.

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Hi, so often enough a lot of surveys in my state require 83/88 information when platting and/or benchmarks for projects. See the attached from my closest CORS tower, I just don’t see a code that can output me a survey foot orthometric height. Unless I’m missing something…any help is appreciated.

Thank you Elena!

The NAD83(2011) and geoid 18 will work for me in the future.

However, I do have a bunch of points stranded in my device. They won’t export, presumably because the coordinates can’t be transformed.

Can you help?

I don’t understand what you are wanting ? The datasheet shows an NAVD88 GEOID18 orthometric height of 222.83m (731.1 ft) at the ARP. The state plane coordinates are in meters looking at the full datasheet. That’s apparently the official unit in Alabama.

I must be misunderstanding what you’re needing.

So the code I used and verified in the app was CORS for state plane and has always worked, and verified with other units and people in the field. Now my setting has it out of bounds CS. My output was in survey feet, now the codes available only output in meters. I’m just trying to figure out the appropriate code or if there’s an additional download to make sure the transformation from the base occurs the same way it always has…

Edit: so now today after going back in under the state plane I see the new options I will verify and update.

Now I understand. Same here for SC3900, many flavors. It took me three tries to pick the one that matches SPC used in our RTN. I think I will try and create my own using transformation variables just to verify.

Yeah, so for me selecting the correct transformation is a big unknown and I’m really unsure as to which one is appropriate in each instance when I’m wanting a survey foot output to field verify design features or elements for civil related projects (inlet inverts, edge of pavement shots, cut/fill checks, etc). If someone has a methodology for selecting the correct codes when setting up a project from the base data from CORS (as seen above from my image) that would be extremely helpful to me.

Tomorrow I’ll be verifying the projection (s) on some passive control marks using our state RTN service. That’s about the only way to choose the correct projection.

Any luck? I was waiting to see if elena had any suggestions on recovering old data as well since it was locked in the old coordinate systems. A lot of local municipalities in my region do not necessarily switch to new datums when they’re available (old projects, requirements for land development, etc.) Hopefully, I will hear something back soon from Emlid.

Hi Justin and Michel,

We are already working on a solution to this issue as we understand that it affects your work. We’ll release the fix for this at the nearest time.

When the new version is released, you’ll be able to export data from your old projects as usual and work the same way as before with coordinate systems in survey feet.

Hi everyone,

The new version of Reach View 3 6.7 has been released. We fixed the issue with NAD83 and the old geoid model here. You can update the app to do your survey as before and export points. I’ll be glad to receive your feedback on how it works.

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