Out of cs bound

Hi, I work in Puerto Rico and I’m trying to collect points with NAD83(2011) + NAVD88(GEOID18) vertical. 2 weeks ago I put these datums in a protect and took points but now it says Out of CS bound. can someone help me with this I need it for work.

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Is the rover icon following you in flow app

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Yes, when I try to create a new project it whiny let me collect any point.


Exactly which one do you have assigned? It needs to match your region/zone you are in.

UTM ZONE 20N? 19N?

Can u see the images?

I selected only Nad 83(2011)/ Puerto Rico and virgin island. I didn’t select the utm zone.

I will do that now

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I did it like this 2 weeks ago and it worked like that.

Ok, i see. Leave it on that one then.

Not sure… seen this when incorrect coordinate system assigned or in another situation where the rover lost internet connection.

Have you restarted the reciever

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I would strongly recommend when this symptom is still showing making a full system report and send it to support@emlid.com

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i restarted both recivers ( reach rx & rs2+) but nothing changed.i was looking at the forum and some guys had the same issue due to a update on emlid flow app.
maybe when the next update come it will fix that.

i will send a system report to emlid.

is there any warranty on these equipment? because i been having multiple problems with the reach rx. it disconects from the phone some times and in stake out it will be off sometime.Is there any way i can get the reach rx covered on warranty and mabe get a new one?

Contact support@emlid.com with serial number etc.

Ok thanks

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