Out of CRS bounds issue


Out of crs bound issue

After almost every regular interval we get issue of out of crs bound

Our cordinate system is well defined and correct WGS 84 42N

This problem gets repeated again amd again at 15 mins interval

After disconnecting rover and reconnecting again its working fine

Are you 100% certain you are using the correct coordinate system?

Are you in this region:

WGS 84 / UTM zone 42N

Between 66°E and 72°E, northern hemisphere between equator and 84°N, onshore and offshore. Afghanistan. India. Kazakhstan. Kyrgyzstan. Pakistan. Russian Federation. Tajikistan. Uzbekistan.

Guessing not. StateHighway43???
If not, throw over your Lat Long coordinates to double check. (Or city, state, etc?)

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Two points

  1. I am sharing a screenshot

    for you all to check

  2. After disconnecting the rover and again reconnecting the same the issue resolves it self and reappear after 15-20 mins.

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Possibly should be 42Q not 42N? You may be confusing the N for Northern Hemisphere?

Enter your global LAT LONG coords into GoogleEarth, PIN it, then change your grid setting in GoogleEarth Tools>Options Show LAT LONG to UTM to check. Right click your PIN to see properties 42Q.

Can you tell us exactly where you are located, like the town or state, province ? I’ve had this same issue myself but of course I knew where I was and had mistakenly “fat fingered” (ha ha Enfinger !) a key.

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Its district Bhuj, State Gujarat Country India

Based on your provided LAT LONG COORDS:

You have the incorrect UTM zone set for your coordinate system… it should be 42Q, not 42N.



Hi Vatsal,

Welcome to our community!

I believe you are using a proper coordinate system for your location. WGS 84 / UTM zone 42N should work fine for you. I’m assuming there’s another reason for this, and I’ve already begun discussing it with our team, but we need more information to investigate your case. I see you’re also working with iOS and Android. Have you faced similar issues on both platforms? Could you tell me the version of EmlidFlow that you are using? Also, if you could make a screencast of the issue it would be very useful for us!



The post was through an ios device but my team is using android device.

Regarding recording it doesn’t seem feasible as the error occurs randomly

I will update regarding version we are using.

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Ha! ChatGPT is even lost!

Be careful with ChatGPT, epsg.io could be a better help in similar topics :slight_smile: Its map is particularly useful!


I know, its a joke. :crazy_face:

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App version 9
Android device

Thank you for the details, @Vatsal. We’ll discuss your case with the team, and I’ll reach out to you!

When can we expect an update?

Our developers were unable to reproduce your issue, so we’d like to dive into it deeper. Could you share with us what type of Reach you are using and which version of Firmware is installed on it?
We also believe that this “out of bounds” message may appear when the receiver disconnects and reconnects. Do you notice this type of behavior?

Based on the LAT LONG you provided (23.20179990, 69.22289705), you are clearly in UTM 42Q not 42N (in the ocean!)?

Simply change your coordinate system to 42Q and see if the problem persists.

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An Update

This issue is observed when connceted wifi switches its network from 2G or 3G

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I have noticed this “Out of CRS bounds” error dialog also when the ROVER is out of the range of WIFI when using Emlid Flow on the phone.

Seems your UTM Zone is also incorrect, but if not, may be the WIFI connection loss or switching? May need to set your phone with Emlid Flow as a Hotspot for the ROVER to connect too?