OS image for original NAVIO?

I have an original NAVIO board, not a NAVIO+ or NAVIO2. It looks slightly different than all the pictures on the website, even the ones on the original NAVIO+ docs. It’s attached to an original Raspberry Pi (not 2, not 3). I can boot successfully from a plain Raspbian image, but the current custom image available for download does not boot. With a USB keyboard and HDMI monitor attached, the boot loader goes to the rainbow color screen and hangs there. Unfortunately, I don’t have the original OS image and memory card that came with this unit since I got it second hand. Does the current release software still support the original version NAVIO, or is there something I’m doing wrong? Is there an archive of old software versions somewhere?


Image for Navio doesn’t support Original Raspberry Pi 1. So you need new model of RPi.

OK, thanks. I have access to a Raspberry Pi 3B for testing, I’ll try that and see if it works. I was assuming it was the NAVIO board version, not the RPI…

Hmm, there is a problem with that. The NAVIO (original version) seems to be designed for the 26-pin header of the RPi (original version) and not the 40-pin header for the more recent Pi’s. So is this old NAVIO an expensive paperweight, or does the original software still exist somewhere to make it work?

The 26pin header of the old Raspberry and the first 26 pins of the 40pin header of the newer models are compatible.


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