Ordered by Bank remittance, waiting for confirmation

(Navic) #1


We have done bank remittance against your invoice INV-05203 for Reach RS and Reach along with some accessories.
Kindly confirm, we haven’t received any emails from your end from 28th, June.


Regading shipment date
(Navic) #3

Hello Igor Vereninov,

We tried to reach Phone: … and emails: igor.vereninov@emlid.com, info@emlid.com, support@emlid.com
We are struggling to understand why we haven’t received confirmation yet and worried.
Your invoice INV-05203, dated 21/06/2017 for our order. We remitted payment on 28-06-2017.

Could you please confirm ASAP ?

Best Regards

(Denis Nikolaev) #4


The payment arrived recently and your order will be shipped tomorrow.
Thank you!

(Navic) #5


Thank you. Kindly share us the shipment tracking number once you ship it.

Best Regards

(Navic) #6

Hello Emlid Team,

Thanks. we received update on other thread.

Thank you.

(Dmitriy Ershov) #8