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I made an order last August 8, 2020. I received confirmation that the order was accepted. Since then I have not received anything on the progress of the delivery. I emailed support@emlid.com yesterday and have not received any response from them. What’s happening with your delivery system? Please don’t use the pandemic as an excuse because after 4 months of lock downs, all companies should have made adjustments to their businesses. Website says that delivery by DHL will be completed in 2-5 days, but it does not say how many days will Emlid takes before it turns over the unit to DHL.

Don’t forget that the 8th and 9th were Saturday and Sunday…

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I have several international orders (not with Emlid) from mid-july for which I have had no news since they were picked up by the carrier.

You need to calm down, really. It’s only 4 days after ordering, two of them weekend days.


Before I made the order, I asked Emlid Support how many days it would take for them to turnover to DHL. They said 1-2 days. I posted this on Wednesday which is 3 working days after I placed my order. I was giving Emlid the leeway based on their email of their delivery schedule. So I got an email from Emlid last night past 6PM - with a subject line
Your order 45222 has been prepared!

with a Fedex tracking number. When you track that on the Fedex site? Nothing. It has not even been picked up yet. So there goes another day. If you are going to say 1-2 days turnover then it means that on the 3rd day Fedex should have picked the package up right? I have used DHL,UPS, Fedex for sending large parcels. You call them the day before to set up a pickup time and they will send a truck over on the day that it was scheduled.
And what gets me is that I have emailed them 4-5 times over these past days without getting any replies from them. Simple business etiquette would say that emails should be read/replied to within 24 or even 48 hours. Even just to acknowledge that the email was received. Especially when it involves purchased items that are not cheap. Even on this forum, no one from Emlid has even given the courtesy to email me regarding the status of the package. Nothing.

Since I am getting no response from Emlid via email. I emailed Fedex and inquired the schedule when the package will be picked up by them. Got this response from Fedex.

## RE: Write to FedEx [ ref:_00Dj0Hi4rw8._5032gZ178se5:ref ]
Based on the tracking number, physical pickup has yet to be arranged to be collected from the shipper’s address. Kindly contact your shipper to confirm pick up arrangement or whether the shipper has arranged the shipment under a different Airway bill number please.

So I ask again Emlid, when do you plan to turnover to the courier? This is now the 4th working day after I placed the order online and it has not yet left your storage.

As far as I understand, “Emlid Storage” is not physically at their office location, but at the manufacturer in China, which is a third party to your complaint.

As I was saying earlier, most of my international shipments (6+, from EU, USA, CN) this summer were way slower than what I usually expect and, I’m sorry to say, your outright dismissal that CV might have anything to do with it is straight up delusional.

I grant you that communications can sometimes be slow to come back, but you really need to take in that expecting everything to be as smooth as last year is not realistic. The person at Emlid that’s working on your ticket has to first figure out what’s happening and it’s more difficult to find out anything quickly when it involves two third parties.

The only mistake Emlid made was to tell you it would take 1-2 days to get picked-up. The rest is just the reality of all my orders for the last 7 months.

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Hello there,

Sorry for the extended order processing and delayed reply on the forum, we indeed were checking if our Sales Support team received your email.

Since the FedEx label has already been created, your parcel should get despatched soon. It is usually picked up shortly after the order is processed.


You mean emails now take the same time as snail mail to get a reply from the receiver?

You should really be upgrading your email server if it takes you 6 days to trace an email conversation. You could do a search using my email address and the thread would have appeared.

Stop using Covid-19 as an excuse for business shortcomings.

What a bitter individual… Must be a pleasure to dine somewhere with you xD

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