Opus problem

Has anyone had any issue processing with opus and getting an error that says “ the year and day of year could not be determined from submitted data set”
“Data may be corrupt”

Frustrating because we have been using our Emlid equipment for a couple years now with opus and no problems.

Allowed for more time to pass and resubmitted - opus processed fine.

Hi @dsmith,

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Thanks for the update. Great that your log was processed well.

It indeed requires some time from the data recording before the OPUS accepts it. It depends on the OPUS stations in your work area. They may provide the data hourly and daily. You can check this info about each station on this map.

If the stations nearby provide the data hourly, you need to wait 45 minutes after the top of the hour following your file collection. For the “daily” stations, OPUS accepts files on the next day.


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