Opus calibration

I wonder if Emlid GNSS antennas do have OPUS calibration. I tried to find them at https://www.ngs.noaa.gov/ANTCAL/ but can not find anything. Main thing I will be working in an area that CORS has no antenna available and ntrip network antennas are kind of far away, since I am using an Emlid reach rs+.
Thanks before hand

Hi Gerardo,

L1-logs from Reach RS+ can be processed with NRCAN only. According to the test provided by one of our users, the maximum horizontal accuracy it’s possible to get is 15-30 cm.

L1-receivers don’t require antenna calibration. The only thing that may be essential for post-processing raw data from Reach RS+ is the distance from the bottom of the device to APC, which might be considered as 65 mm.