Option for NTRIP connection via 5G?

RS2 supports only 3G cell connection?
If yes, what is alternative if 3G coverage is no longer available for NTRIP connection via mobile internet?
When will RS2 have 5g sim compatibility?

Why not just hotspot your phone or a separate device? Each of our pilots has a hotspot that they run their computer/tablet/rover/drone with. One bill to rule them all.


yes, that would be the final option I guess. It just means another gadget to charge and carry to the field for each unit instead of just a tiny sim card.

Hi Juan,

Indeed, RS2 supports 3.5G only. If the 3G network is no longer on, you can count on the 2G fallback. The speed difference usually is not massive.

Michael’s put it nicely, though: you can use the hotspot of your mobile device to provide the units with the Internet. This will require an additional device, sure. However, in some cases, it may be easier to check out the state of the connection like this.

Edit: Changed the wording so the meaning is clearer.

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