Optical flow with the raspberry pi camera

Hello there,

as the optical vector flow is already calculated in the rpi GPU, wouldn’t that be easier to use it rather than with an external optical flow sensor such as the pix4flow or mouse based optical flow ?

I have a python script ready that does the trick, but would be glad to have some help to incorporate it to the apm code


Philippe Crochat
Anemos Technologies

Hello Philippe,

This PR might be a good reference.

Hello Ivereninov,

tks for your swift reply, but this PA does not provide a raspberry pi camera OF integration
am I wrong ?

I saw on one patch /dev/video0 which is not what we are looking for.
As I’m far from being an expert in C programming, could you provide more information on how to do it please?


It does not, but it does use /dev/video which is also possible for the Raspberry Pi. I am afraid that I can’t provide a guide how to integrate this functionality, you will need to do some research on this topic. At least it works on other Linux platforms, for example Beebop.

actually, the PA you mentioned is intended for the BBBmini not the raspberry
the benefit of having it working with the raspberry is that the GPU will be used and not the CPU

I did not say that it is a ready to use solution, just a good reference on where to start the implementation for the Rpi.

ok I see, is there an apm developer forum somewhere similar as this one that could be more appropriate?

You can try the ardupilot forum as well