Optical flow sensor compatibility with Navio2

I’m trying to interface a THONEFLOW-3901U UART OPTICAL FLO with my Navio2. The data format is compatible CX‐OF which is what I set my parameters to in mission planner however there’s dosnt appear to be any feedback from the sensor when viewed on mission planner. I know the sensor has some functionality as I’m able to read the raw data from the connected uart port using a python script. I considered upgrading ardupilot but looking at the change logs the last update provided was 2020-09-22 , Ardupilot had realeased many updates since then. Does anyone know if what I’m trying to do is even possible .

Hi John,

I can only suggest checking the resources that provide ArduPilot documentation regarding this sensor. As for the ArduPilot firmware update, you can configure Navio2 to work on the other binary by following these instructions.

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