Opensource-IMU-tilt correction

I haven’t bought a Reach RS2 and just doing some research.

From reading this forum am I correct in assuming the s/w on the unit is open source /Linux and can be accessed and possibly modified by the user (via SSH or similar).

Is this primarily RTRKLib and some python script to handle the comms ?

If so this make the unit very interesting for applications on custom projects. I am particularly interested in being able to get at the source to make use of the IMU data. You could make use of the IMU to get tilt corrected data and potentially have a INS/GNSS combined solution which would be a smoother solution. You could probably make use of Mavlink/Arusub libraries

Is there a link that describes the opensource side and the link to the IMU data.

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Unfortunately ReachView is no longer open source. Only the first version was.

I guess you could start from scratch building your own GUI etc. But I think if you do so it would be more suitable to use a Raspberry pi zero w and a board with an Ublox Zed-F9P receiver. A diy solution could be realized for about 400€ per unit. I wonder when someone releases a unit which fits on a Raspberry pi zero. Emlid?

The internal algorithm of the ZED-F9P seems to be very good so you do not need to rely on RTKlib. You can use it for recoding raw data though.

I think with the RS2 Emlid does aim on professional users/markets and not on diy users.

Is the IMU data available via a NMEA string oror alternatively does it do a tilt correction like the Leica GS18 ?

I don’t think so. You will have to run your own script on the RS2 and poll the imu (but you will not be able to send the data to ReachView) or you will have to wait until Emlid integrates the IMU into ReachView. I think that this was planned since the first model (I think I bought mine 2014) but did not happen yet.


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