OpenMV with Navio2

Hey, I’m working on a large rover-type autonomous vehicle with my school’s Robotics Club. We’re using 24V DC motors instead of servos. We’re using OpenMV to detect lines, using a similar code to the donkey car code that I found on the OpenMV website. The main difference is that we’re avoiding lines instead of following them. We have to remain in between two lines. Another component is that it has to avoid obstacles in front of it.

Anyway, we’re using a Raspberry Pi 3 with a Navio2 attached to it, which takes up all but one pin in the Pi. The Navio2 communicates with our LIDAR unit that we’re using for object avoidance and our GPS unit to drive to certain coordinates. All that said, there are still a few USB ports on the Pi that we can use for inputs. What I’m wondering is if we can use the MicroUSB on the cam to output a 1 or 0 (if it sees a line or not) to the Pi’s USB port for the Pi (which also has ROS on it) to do with it as it needs. In other words, can the USB on the M7 output data to a Pi?

Have any of you worked with OpenMV, possibly in combination with the Navio2? Any successes or failures?

This was more or less something I copied and pasted from my post on the OpenMV forum with a few additions and changes, so sorry if anything is extra wordy or anything.

Any help would be awesome! Thanks!

Hi @westonchambers,

I didn’t previously test Navio2 with OpenMV, so I hardly can suggest you something. Have you tried to reach out to RPi forum?

Maybe somebody from our users worked with OpenMV.

Overall, keep us updated about your project, it’d be great to see the result! :slightly_smiling_face:

kwagyeman from OpenMV helped me out with this. Thank you anyway! If anyone else finds this post who has experience with this, please share! I’ll also try to remember to post a link to a video of the finished (or partially finished) product!

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