Only getting Float Solution for static survey

I am trying to do static processing but I have been able to get only Float values. The base data is smartnet network and located around 18km away from my site. Rover1 was setup on an open space for over 3 hours and Rover 2 was setup on an open space for 20min. Could someone point out what I am doing wrong. I am using the default settings on Emlid Studio for static processing.


Your data looks good, try disabling GLONASS when running your static processing with the smartnet base data, doing this gave me a fix solution in emlid studio.

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Hi @dustatama,

I also managed to get a Fix by excluding GLONASS from calculations. You can turn it off at all or just set Integer ambiguity resolution for GLONASS to off. Sometimes, GLONASS sats affect the results badly even if they look fine at first glance.

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