One rover with multiple base station

Is that possible to have multiple base stations and the rover switch among them according to which one is closest?

You can use multiple basestation but for now you would have to manully switch between them.
Not sure this is true with NTRIP but from the look of it it seems it picks the closest base. Emlid might know something about that

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It would be nice to have this functionality. With our Topcon gear, probably mostly because of the localization, the base points are not used in the horizontal or vertical of the localization. They are setup on a point in the original localization thus several of them can be setup in series knowing and reporting their own coordinate and the rovers/machines get the signal from whichever one supplies the strongest signal. It really doesn’t matter though since all the control points are on the same basis. We can also run repeaters, but I have not had much luck with them and machines together.

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Just wanted to say that, at the moment, you can use different base stations only by switching among them manually, as @TB_RTK has mentioned. Currently, the ReachView app doesn’t support automatic switch among different base stations. We’ll think about if there is a way to add this support to the ReachView in the future.

While connected to the NTRIP station, you need to choose the closest mount point. The receiver doesn’t reconnect to another one during the survey.


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