On switch/ battery malfunction

One of my Reach RS units purchased in September 2017 is having issues booting up.
The on switch appears not to function so I can’t hard reset or reflash the unit.
Only way to turn it on seams to be by inserting the usb cable and that has only worked twice. Last time it started I was unable to connect via either hotspot or saved network. It remained stuck in this mode (pwr light and network light flashing) until it powered of with a flat battery.
.The time before the battery indications all looked good both when charging and disconnected from the charger. I was able to shut it down then by using the wifi interface controls.
Any tips or anybody overcome similar problems. I expect that battery may have been over discharged and a replacement might be my solution but more likely a switch problem.
am hoping that I can get it to restart after charging and move straight into a reflash.

Any help appreciated Thanks Ed

Hi Ed,

I believe there’s some sort of issue with power button requiring service. Please get in touch with us via contact form and we will provide you with servicing options in your area.

Issue resolved by Australian Agent (Mangoesmapping).
Thanks guys


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