On/Off signal to Arduino using Radio Controller

I am Using ArduPilot version 4.0.3 ArduCopter. Using QGrounControl and MissionPlanner interchangeably to test functionality.

I aim to figure out how to tie a switch on the Radio Controller used for flight as a 1/0 “on/off” signal to an Arduino nano to control a pump. I have seen that using a Navio2 I cannot utilize the relay functionality of ArduPilot.

I would like to try and have one of the Radio Controller switches act as an on/off switch to control a pump on the drone. I would like to send a high or low signal based on the switch position to the arduino nano to act as a on/off switch.


just set a servo output to RCin with the channel number the switch on your TX is set to. Read the PWM signal with the Arduino and define the on/off range with a if/else statement. With that you can switch an arduino digital pin to control your relay/pump.

Will try that in a few days when I am back with my equipment. Will update with results.

I have managed to figure out how to read the PWM from RCin6 and print the value. The issue I am running into is using that value as the if/else conditions. Below I have linked another post I posted in the Arduino forum with my code if you can take a look.


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