Old firmware versions of Emlid RS2

Does anyone have the old firmware versions of Emlid RS2?

I need it for some tests… Thanks!

Hi Juliano,

We recommend using the latest version of Reach firmware. We don’t have older versions openly published for download.

Even if you install older softwre, it resets to factory which the 1st thing it needs to do is connect to the internet and updates to current.


Yes, but I have a problem, because the connection with Emilid RS2 is broken and the firmware update is also broken with the last two versions. So, when I start my RS2, it stays in the loop boot.

Hi Juliano,

This is extremely strange! RS2 should not be broken by the firmware update.

Please share the video of the LED status of your Reach RS2 with us via support@emlid.com or in another community forum thread. A detailed explanation of the issue you faced would help us a lot.

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