Offset antena M2 gnss PPK kit

Hi there,

Anybody can tell if the offset between the antena and the camera is right or should I measure until the middle of the antena or higher ?

Thanks a lot !

The correct offset between the antenna and camera depends on your framing needs. Measure to include the desired antenna point in the camera’s view, considering focal length and angle.

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I would add 0.036 m to the measurement you take as shown in your image.

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I would like to Know exactly the absolue coordinates of the axis of the camera.
How can I do that?

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You were right!!


Your offset is going to be about 2/3rds of the way up the antenna for helicals.

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Curious, so with with multi-frequency antennas, do you always average the L1 (35mm) L2 (37mm) Antenna Phase Centers? I.e. 36mm result. (The RS/RS+ only has one, L1)

Same for L1 L2 L5 antenna options? Average all 3? Not sure if the RS2/RS2+ M2 even utilizes L5, but other and newer GNSS boards do… which i assume the next new Emlid release may incorporate? ; )

Thank you.

Unless someone else knows of how to have independent offsets entered I think that’s as good as it gets for now. If you’re not running L5 then obviously it doesn’t have to be part of the math but I think we can deal with +/- 2mm. :wink:


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