Offloading PPK data from M2/M+

What is the easiest way to get the data offloaded from the Emlid M? I’ve been using the Emlid app on my phone to access by WiFi when the M+ is powered on. I can’t figure out where the data is going. It seems like I need to establish a cloud (dropbox, OneDrive) location but I haven’t had much success so far.

Hi Jon,

The easiest way is to download from Reach Panel straight to your PC.

  1. Add your home/office Wi-Fi to Reach and click connect
  2. Now reach is in the same Wi-Fi as your PC
  3. Go to reach.local in your browser and you will see Reach Panel interface where you can download the log files.

Reach automatically connects to a known Wi-Fi network when it boots, so now every time you come back from the field simply power up you Reach, wait for it to connect to your Wi-Fi and download the log files using Reach Panel in a browser.

Thanks for the quick response, Igor. I was hoping to offload with Android. That is, either my phone or my tablet. It seems to access the WiFi okay but I’m having trouble figuring out the destination of the offload data.

Try to install a file manager app on your device. That should solve it.

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