Off Brand Base w/external Radio

Has anyone succeeded with Topcon/Trimble base w/ external radio(lora) and RS2 rover?


I succeeded with a Trimble base and a M+ and also an M2 over cellular (any data conveyance would work)

But Emlid as base does not work for Trimble unless you can inject the empty 1008 message.

Topcon I am unsure about.

Deere and Hemisphere are there own isolated systems.

Hi Mark,

Reach RS2 support receiving corrections in RTCM3 format. To operate correctly, it requires info about the base’s antenna reference point and GSP observables at least. So, it should work fine with a 3rd-party base in case it provides such data.

Please note, Reach RS2 built-in LoRa radio won’t work with LoRa from another manufacturer. It’s better to use serial radio or NTRIP options in that case.

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