Odroid XU4

i see the Odroid C1 is still waiting for I2C devleopment, is the Odroid XU4 any better in that regard ?

Odroid -XU4

i see it has an optional level shifter and possibly R Pi 2 compatabilty

XU4 Shifter Shield

I might get one as a companiion computer, anyone else looking at this board ?

From my understanding, the C1 is discontinued and is replaced by the C1+.
I would let Emlid team comment on if navio+ is pin compatible with the C1+ (exception of pin #38 and #40 it looks ok).
(I don’t know if navio+ uses those 2 pins).

I don’t think the XU4 is pin compatible, at least, it does not look like it.

But, it does not stop you to use it as an additional computer on board for sure (just not a NAVIO+ cpu board).

says this on the xu4 shifter page

“The 40-pin header pin map is compatible with the ODROID-C1 and Raspberry Pi/Pi 2.
We are working on the WiringPi compatible libraries to simplify development.”

You are right I did not see the shield link.