Obtaining base coordinates

how did you managed to get your base coordinates by itself as when i am starting the base my base coordinates doesn’t show up … and it is asking for the base coordinates to have a float or fix situation
and also facing the same problem of no communication


You need to enter base coordinates manually in order to get things working. This can be approximate location that you determine from Reach in rover mode.

Satellite visibility is very bad, the satellite bars should be mostly green, not red.
Grey bars indicate base signal strength, so your units are communicating just fine.

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thanks a lot its working now . my status of the rover remain float for about 20 seconds and then change to single does it mean that my antenna signals are weak, what could be the possible reason for that
thanks !! and height coordinate vary too much from 5 to 25, is that normal ?
and i am performing the experiment inside a room as its raining outside

RTK will not work well indoors, even with the antenna outside the window. Refer to our antenna placement guide.

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