Obtain RTK corrections from Leica 1200 Base over 433Mhz Radio

Hello Everyone!

I have Leica 1200 Base/Rover set that sends and receives RTK corrections using the following radio module: http://www.pacificcrest.com/library/User_Guide_PDLGFU15.pdf

The Base sends RTK correction data in “Leica” format, but can be configured to different formats as well.

Can I use Reach only in Rover mode and make it receive RTK Corrections from Leica 1200 Base?

Option 1 (preferred):
Reach Rover on a UAV listens for RTK Corrections using on-board 3DR 433 MHz Radio, whereas Leica 1200 Base broadcasts RTK Corrections using the PDLGFU15 radio module also at 433MHz.

Option 2:
Reach Rover on a UAV listens for RTK Corrections using on-board 3DR 433 MHz Radio, whereas Leica 1200 Base RTK Corrections are somehow transmitted to Mission Planner and then broadcasted with Ground Control Station by 3DR 433 MHz Radio.

The key here is to avoid using Reach Base.

I appreciate if anybody could share any solutions on the above.

Hello Everyone!

I’ve made a mistake. The PDLFU15 Radio module broadcasts at 443 and not 433. So, there is no way to communicate PDLFU15 radio modem with 3DR 433 Radio.

None of the options in my previous post is possible.

However, I think (and hope) there is another solution available:

Leica 1200 RX Controller has several built-in Bluetooth ports. The way I see the communication chain actually eliminates the need for Reach base. Leica Base Station 1200 RX Controller does support Real-Time RTK Correction data in RTCM v3.1 format via Bluetooth.

I would have to have a Notebook PC at field next to the Leica 1200 Base station. The Notebook can receive RTK Corrections via Bluetooth and then by means of “inject GPS” feature these correction can be broadcast to Reach Rover by the Mission Planner over Ground Control Station Radio 3DR 433 Mhz.

There two challenges here:

  1. I have to figure out how can PC receive RTK Corrections via Bluetooth. What software should be used?
  2. How Mission Planner can send these RTK Corrections over the 3DR Radio to Reach Rover

Ideally I would prefer to use an Android device, since I do use Tower at field, but I am not sure how can I “inject GPS” data to send it over the Ground Control Station (3DR 433 Mhz Radio) connected via adapter cable to my Android device.

Looking forward to receiving your replies in this brainstorm-like topic.

I am sure that Leica manual covers that. It should create a serial port instance on your PC.

You will need to use MAVlink GPS Inject feature. It is explained in our docs:


Looks like it does not. I cannot connect Leica Base Station to my PC over Bluetooth.

Yes, this one is clear as I have already successfully installed Reach Rover on my Iris+ and was able to feed RTK Corrections over the 3DR Radios.

It does not create a serial port after pairing and connecting? You might consider consulting local Leica representative.